Cool Refreshing Links

Raider Shack
This is my daddy's site. He loves the Oakland Raiders. Can you tell?
Spera in Deo - Hope in God
This is my mommie's site. It's about the Bible.
Foolish Wonders
A crazy pseudo web portal. Check it out!


Palm Desert, CA USA

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Welcome to Fuzzy's Desert Oasis

Hi. My name is Fuzzy and this is my little oasis. The Internet can be interesting, but sometimes it can also seem like a vast wasteland. I know something about that type of landscape since I live in a desert myself. What you need in the midst of a waste howling wilderness is a little oasis. Some trees for shade, some cool water to drink, a place to rest.


I'm going to build that place right here in the midst of the World Wide Web. It may start out small...and yes, I know I've got a lot of work to do...I look around here and all I see so far are snakes and lizards.


Well, what do you expect - it's a DESERT! I'm sure I can tame it so stop back often and see what I end up with. You just might be surprised!

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